Hi, I'm Jaki! I'm a 25 year-old lifestyle photographer living in Seattle with my Bengal kitty, Ronan, and my trusty Canon 5D Mk II.
Everything here is my own original content unless I say otherwise. Thank you for all your support, and I hope you enjoy!

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Leanne & Archer. Too darn cute!Full album

heatherharper asked: I just noticed this post and was curious about the bold part. I am relatively new to posting on Tumblr and was wondering how one does the sourcing, like you suggested?

When you go to make your photo post on Tumblr, you’ll notice a little icon that looks like a gear on the top right side of the window. If you click on it, a little boxe drops down and there is a field for you to enter the source. I personally put mine as my Tumblr URL.

Whenever that photo gets reblogged, it will say (Source: Jakfruit) and no matter what, no one can delete that! A hyperlink with your source will always stick to your post, and people can trace it back to you. It’s very handy, and every artist should do it!

Anonymous asked: hi! i really love seattle and i want to move there at some point, but im kind of on a low budget. im absolutely in love with your view. is it really expensive to live there?

Oh man, I wish I lived there. It’s my friend’s building and is called Three20 Apartments. I think he said it costs something like $2,000 a month for his 1 bedroom on the 4th floor with a city side view. Definitely out of my budget! I live a block away in an older building.

Most “affordable” bedrooms and studios are around $1,000 right now. Seattle is brutal these days, but it’s worth every penny to be in this awesome city so I hope you make it out here someday!

friday-afternoon asked: hi ... so I'm just going into high school & I'm really into fashion & photography ... I was just wondering how did you end up doing what you're doing & do you like it? Was it hard? & how can I stay motivated? thanks so much :) p.s. I love your blog so much


I started taking photos as a hobby when I was in high school and just absolutely fell in love. I eventually went on to get an associate of fine arts degree in photography from a community college, but most of what I know now is just from self-learning and practice over the years. I just think that photography and being able to immortalize a moment forever is a truly amazing thing.

Photography is a very competitive industry, and therefore one of those career tracks where a lot of your beginning success can come from knowing people who will benefit from your work (e.g. local fashion designers, people who own businesses, etc.) and collaborating together. Their audience sees your work, and your audience sees theirs. It’s a win win on marketing for both parties!

Keep looking at work that inspires you in order to stay motivated, and continue practicing and trying new things. Keep an eye on photographers that really wow you and find what kind of styles you like best. I have learned so much just from following great photographers and paying close attention to all the little details. You will improve with each and every photo shoot you do, and it becomes increasingly more and more gratifying when you produce that really great image.

Also, Tumblr is actually a very motivational tool for me because I get to share parts of my life with all of you and hear such sweet things in response! Your work can potentially go very far on this social network thanks to reblogging, and the best part is it doubles as a place you can look through your own past and see where you’ve been and how much you’ve grown over time both as a person and a photographer. Just always make sure you label your own Tumblr URL as the source on all your photo posts so your name never gets lost along the way!

Thank you so much for your kind words. You guys really inspire me to be a better person and improve myself as a photographer. I really hope you dive into photography and enjoy it as much as I do!

Ronan today, alert and surprised at nothingness as per usual.
Jed and I love DIY dinners! Smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, cream cheese, capicollo and soft boiled egg with baguette and rosemary crisps.
I had really boring decorations on my living room shelf, so I finally did something about it.
These are just corked bottles from a craft store that I’ve filled with dried petals and a feather each, then sealed with white candle wax. A very cheap, quick and simple little DIY project.

f-ervidus asked: hey xx I just saw the photo that u posted of a roooftop in seattle, anyways I'm moving there in a couple of weeks so I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers or like nice places to go haha since u are local? I dont mean to sound creepy haha

Sure! I’ll post a list of my favorite places to go in Seattle that I sometimes use on /r/Seattle. There are so many to list that I can’t possibly get them all, but here are some favorites.


                         Things to do in Seattle            

Day play
Discovery Park (gigantic, beautiful park!)
Arboretum (so pretty in Fall!)
Renting a canoe and paddling around the Arboretum (spring/summer)
Volunteer Park Conservatory (greenhouse)
Seattle Art Museum
Theo Chocolate Tour (Free samples. Woo!)
Fremont Sunday Market


Golden Gardens (bonfire friendly, on Puget Sound)
Alki (bonfire friendly, on Puget Sound)
Madison Park (swimming, on Lake Washington)


Rattlesnake Ledge
Poo Poo Point
Mount Si
Wallace Falls

Food stuffs
Sandwiches: *Paseo, Honey Hole, Other Coast
Burgers: 8oz, Lil’ Woody’s
Brunch: Oddfellows, Linda’s Tavern (also: best wings!), Pettiroso
Slammin’ Happy Hour: Japonessa (sushi), Fogon (Mexican)
Pastry: Bakery Nouveau, Crumble & Flake


Drinks (mostly 21+)
Fancy cocktails: Canon, Tavern Law, Liberty, Sun Liquor
Casual/Moderate nightlife: Nacho Borracho, Montana, Speckled & Drake, Linda’s Tavern
Party time!: Cha Cha Lounge, Unicorn/Narwhal, Rhino Room, Q Nightclub


Leta for Deja Vintage Boutique
Jed at Crab Park, Vancouver, B.C.
Gastown, Vancouver, B.C.
Lavender cupcakes from Cupcake Royale & my favorite flowers (Lilacs), which just so happen to bloom during my birthday each year.